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Mission Statement

The trans story is our story, please join us & let's tell the world before some leading networks decide to make Trans their next buzzword. TransXposure has plans to direct & produce many beautiful Trans stories from all of our hearts & from many of our voices, if we can reach the public, we can change this world! Everyone deserves to know the truth about us all,.. who better to tell this story?! We want to work with all Trans people; different ages or backgrounds or locations, men or women telling their heartfelt life stories, showing hope to others making this effort something special for all of us. There is so much to be taught, so much to learn & so many people to reach out too....

We at believe it's the time for our voices to be heard. Time to shine the bright light on this subject of Trans people & their life experiences.
Please submit your stories for a chance to enhance this project on Facebook via groups at: #TransXposure or Write to: